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Every person, place, and artifact holds a story waiting to be discovered.


I am a wanderer, a story collector, looking to find amazing stories that hide in the illusion and sometimes in the truth. When capturing them, I look to stimulate our senses, feelings, and ideas. I let creativity do its part to help tell the best version of a moment while also telling my own story in my own way. 


We all have a past, a story to share. Let me help you tell yours.

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I was born in the middle of a wildly exciting and busy city where there was always a flurry of people walking the streets. I remember observing them through the window, wondering where they were going. Surrounded by different smells, colors, faces, and feelings, I imagined their stories as if they were movies in my head. During my childhood, I would lie on my dad's stomach to listen to music, look at the walls covered in my grandfather's paintings full of shapes and forms that would ignite my curiosity, while the smell of my mom's cooking would guide us to gather at the table to create a moment full of warm emotions, without realizing we were turning a house into a home. As innocent kids, my brother, sisters, and I would play with our imagination to create different games, stories, and moments that sealed a pact between us that until this day strongly stands. 


Today, I let myself and my imagination run free to discover new stories, meet new people, listen to the great sounds of the world roaring in my ear, feel the paint on my hands, feel the emotions I have been granted. In other words, I still live as every person should—fully, curious, and passionate. 


Stories and the way they are told by people have always amazed me. This is just a snippet of my own and the rest can be discovered in the embodiment of my art.


Photography, graphic design, art, and film. 

Current location:

San Diego, CA  


Spanish and English  

Best things in life:

Coffee, food, good people, music, nature, and art. 

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