Urban Falconry 

Digital logo and stationery applications for Urban Falconry.

A Fauna management company based in Los Angles, California, which I had the pleasure of working with to create the logo and stationery applications.  


Yamis Gourment Cookies

I worked on this project for Yamis Gourmet Cookies, doing the naming, logo, and pattern design to use in web and stationery applications as well as photographing these delicious cookies made in Tijuana BC, Mexico.


6sito small-batch brewery

A self-initiated project of a fictitious small-batch Brewery where I created the name and logo as well as a  product mock-up to present a brand of seasonal beer of small batches with big flavors using neutral colors to identify the different types of beer. 



Sealys Bags 

I photographed Sealys Bags to combine them with catchphrases that suit the company values, as well as adding infographics to guide the consumer in a simple way to all the great qualities of this product.  

Hablemos de cafe (lets talk about coffee)

For this poster I photographed coffee beans to create letterforms and words to integrate them with a photograph of the espresso shot I made with those beans!  

Your bike Butler 

Development of a logo idea brought to me by Matt Hoffman, a former pro cyclist and coach at the velodrome in San Diego, Ca. I develop the logo to its final form and created a stationery package including business cards. A great idea to develop and bring to life. 



I put together a series of images I shot at one of the band's shows and combined them with type to create a PDF portfolio for my talented friends of The Stand Back Blues Band..

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