Who am I? 

Current Location: San Diego, Ca

Name Given: Mauricio Lopez

Language: English, Spanish, and Art

Skills: Photography, Cinema, and Graphic Design

I am a human being with a purpose for creating and developing ideas, always exploring the different possibilities our creativity can give us while trying to find the best way to communicate a clear and simple message. 


I was born creative and have developed my skills

ever since then with the help of great people and experiences.

I have been expanding my knowledge in the fields of photography, cinema, and graphic design for about 8 years with the intention of creating with no limits.


I believe in human connection and collective work that leads to the creation of great things that will help us communicate and understand ourselves better. 


Visual art is what I do, another human is who I am.



Local businesses, organizations, and anybody who wants to collaborate in exploring our creativity.  
©Mauricio Lopez 2020 all rights reserved.
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