Las Pinturas Del Abuelo

Luis Herrera

Peruvian painter who has travel  different parts of the world and discovered cultures and traditions that have given life to some of his artwork  where he shows us through a scale of colors and textures the feeling of a moment, the abstract of life and simplicity of it.

He expresses his experiences and emotions through his brush. His paintings are free, daring, mysterious and controversial, full of different feelings within their varied colors and shapes. At the same time it shows us the human behavior in various representations, from the deepest to the simplest.

In its landscapes it takes us to unimaginable destinations and within the abstract we find a little of ourselves and of the world around us.

The brush marks of Luis Herrera on the canvas are an example of his dedication and love for art. Effort and perseverance embodied forever on a piece of art, thus presenting a story, an emotion, a moment.

At 92, the artist continues to paint unique PIECES and fighting for his love of art and life, thus leaving a memory for his family and for the world in which he continues to find inspiration and reasons to continue painting and making a white canvas an artwork.